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Aussie Student Who Can’t Tell Left From Right Gets Tattoo To Solve The Problem




  • D’Kodia Laine, 23, got tattooed on her left and right hands because she has trouble telling the difference.
  • Her unique skin art went viral on Instagram when her tattoo artist posted a photo.
  • The idea was initially a joke but Laine admits it actually turned out to be “super useful.”

A woman from Australia caught some attention online after coming up with a creative solution for a constant struggle. Apparently, 23-year-old D’Kodia Laine has always found it difficult to tell left from right and so she decided to do something about it.

In fact, her solution is a permanent one as she had her hands tattooed with L and R. Not surprisingly, her unique skin art has since attracted a lot of reaction from netizens.

A communications student from Canberra, Australia, D’Kodia Laine shared that the idea was initially a joke but she later went ahead since people often made fun of her.

“It started as a joke but it’s actually super useful and I don’t look dumb making an L with my fingers to figure it out,” she said.

Now her boyfriend is just happy that she will never get confused about directions again. “He’s grateful that now he won’t get secondhand embarrassment!” remarked Laine.

According to reports, Laine had her ink done by Hunter & Fox tattoo artist Lauren Winzer. The tattoo photo eventually went viral on Instagram when Winzer posted about it.

“Not only are tattoos cute, but they can also be super functional! Good luck with all your future directions, happy to help guide you,” the tattoo artist wrote in the caption.

It didn’t take long until users on Instagram started tagging their friends on the post, telling them they may also want to consider the tattoo idea.

As for Laine, she just had this to say:

“Based on the comments on the photo on Lauren’s page it seems to be a tattoo a lot of people are saying they need so I don’t feel too dumb now.”

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