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Boy Kicks Car of Driver Who Hit His Mom On The Street

This kid is a hero for bravely defending his mom!

  • A Chinese kid recently received a lot of attention on social media after his video went viral online.
  • In the short clip, the boy can be seen defending his mother after both of them were hit on the pedestrian crossing by a white vehicle.
  • Netizens commended the child’s action, with some even calling him a ‘true hero’ for what he did.

Parents have the obligation not only to care for their children and provide for their needs but also to protect them. They always make sure their kids are safe from harm.

There are instances, however, when its the children themselves who do that for their folks. Such as in this story below.

One brave kid from China showed the world that he’s ready to stand up for his mother.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, has recently been taken in Chongqing, China. In the said footage, we see that the little boy and his mom were accidentally hit by a speeding car as they were crossing the street.

Both of them fell to the ground but the child immediately stood up, checked his mother if she’s okay, and then vented his anger on the driver’s vehicle.

The young boy kicked the white car and angrily shouted at the driver.

The driver eventually got out of his vehicle and helped the woman as she tried to stand up. She was then taken to the hospital and fortunately, both the mother and the son were not seriously injured because of the incident.

Watch the video here to see how everything happened:

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Netizens have praised the “little warrior” as a hero for defending his mom.

One YouTube commenter wrote, “I like how he made sure his mom was okay first” while another said the driver was “lucky that he’s still a kid.”


Parents Bash Principal For Banning Students From Giving Christmas Cards

He defends it’s for the environment but parents are now saying he’s like “The Grinch.”

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  • According to him, the ban is being implemented as a way of saving the environment.
  • While most parents are disagreeing with his reasons, there are also some who have taken his side.

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Man Who Lived In Isolation To Avoid Infecting Others Was Told He’s Not Contagious

Living life as a hermit for more than 10 years was pointless.

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  • Now, it has been revealed that he wasn't contagious at all.
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Doctors Earning $150,000 a Year, Quit Their Jobs to Start a Candle-Making Business

Now they’re earning twice their annual salary!

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  • The bold move has been totally worth it as now the couple is earning double their annual salary as medical professionals.

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