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5-Year-Old Boy Spotted Speeding Down Highway Driving An SUV




  • A 5-year-old kid has been spotted driving a Toyota Land Cruiser in Multan, Pakistan.
  • Twitter user @talha_amjad101 shared the video online and it went viral from there.
  • Many netizens expressed concern about the boy and one commenter even said that his parents “should be penalized” for their negligence.

A young boy from Pakistan recently went viral on social media after he was spotted driving a speeding SUV on a highway. His video gained numerous views on Twitter and eventually sparked concern among worried netizens.

The short clip showed the youngster driving a black Toyota Land Cruiser V8 on the busy road of Bosan, Multan. He can be seen holding the steering wheel with eyes fixed straight ahead as he was being filmed by someone from the vehicle next to him.

“Whose kid is this?”

Twitter user @talha_amjad101 posted the footage online and wrote the caption:

“A small kid driving Land Cruiser in Multan! How’s his feet even touching pedals? Whose kid is this?”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

Of course, netizens had mixed reactions about the viral video. For example, some pointed out that the video may be a prank. Someone likewise suggested that the vehicle may actually be “on auto mode” so there’s really no need to panic.

Still, Twitter user@Rationa04049977 commented that the boy’s parents should be held accountable, writing:

“Even if it’s a prank, the car should be impounded and the parents of the kid should be penalized.”

Reports said that authorities are now gathering information about the vehicle’s owner.

According to a traffic police spokesperson, authorities in Bosan have already gathered videos taken by CCTV cameras. Through the clips, they will be able to collect information and trace the identity of the vehicle owner. That way, appropriate action can be taken soon.

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