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Keeping Water Bottles In Your Car Can Cost You Your Life

The key is where you store these bottles.

  • Putting water bottles and cans in the proper compartment or holder is essential.
  • These can roll on the floor and get stuck in the car’s brake or accelerator pedal.
  • Even a few seconds of delay can still lead to deadly accidents.

No, it will not explode inside your car or anything but a water bottle in your car can still become a cause of a deadly road accident.

The issue is how and where you store your water bottle. Most vehicles have compartments where you can store your bottles or thermos, but not all people use them.

Storing your cans or bottles improperly can be fatal to your driving.

According to a Facebook page named Polis Daerah Pendang, this is the reason why leaving a water bottle in your car can be hazardous to your driving.

The page explained:

“People like to put their water bottles below the driver’s or passenger’s seat when they’re on the road but this is a very dangerous practice. If you lose control of your car, the bottle (whether it’s a 250ml one or a 1.5 liter one) can roll out and get stuck behind the car’s accelerator or brake pedal.

“[When this happens], it won’t matter how hard you press the pedal, it won’t work because you’ll need to apply a lot of pressure on the pedal to get it to function with the blockage.”

This can render your car pedals useless.

The post further explained that even if you manage to press your brake hard enough for it to function, the delayed reaction can still result to a fatal accident since it only takes a few seconds for a collision to take place.

Car owners often use the cup holders in their vehicles to put other stuff such as cards, comb, coins, and other junk items. The post advises car owners to install compartments for drinks in the absence of cup holders in their vehicles.

If they find it too much of a hassle, then just make sure that they place their water bottles or cans in a secure spot to prevent them from falling and rolling around the floor of the vehicle.


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