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5-Year-Old Boy Caught Driving on Highway After Mom Refused To Buy Him A Lamborghini

“How old are you? You’re 5 years old? Wow…Where did you learn to drive a car?”

  • A Utah police officer caught a 5-year-old boy driving his parents’ SUV.
  • The boy told troopers he left home using the vehicle after arguing with his mother, who said she would not buy him a Lamborghini.
  • He decided he’d go to California to buy one himself but might be short on the purchase amount as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet.

An SUV on the freeway caught the attention of a Utah Highway Patrol officer after he noticed something weird about the vehicle driver. He then asked the driver to pull over and much to his surprise, found a 5-year-old boy behind the steering wheel.

In a CNN report, the Utah police official said he spotted the SUV vehicle traversing Interstate 15 at 30 mph. He initially suspected it was being driven by an “impaired driver”.

“How old are you? You’re 5 years old? Wow…Where did you learn to drive a car?” Trooper Rick Morgan can be heard saying in a dash camera footage posted by Utah Highway Patrol on Twitter..

Morgan said the 5-year-old boy was sitting on the edge of the front seat so he can reach the brake pedal and keep the car in full stop when he pulled over.

When Morgan asked why he was driving his parents’ SUV, the boy told him that he wanted to go to Los Angeles, California – which is a 9-hour, 46-minute drive – so he can buy a Lamborghini for himself.

According to the boy, he left their house after arguing with his mother, who refused to buy him the said luxury car. When asked about how much money he had with him, the young child said he had $3. A Lamborghini usually has a price tag of around $200,000 or more.

Morgan said it would be up to the Utah prosecutor to decide whether or not to file charges against the child’s parents, who left the boy in his sibling’s care while they were away.

When the news became viral, netizens were outraged and criticized his sister and parents.

Watch the full dash camera footage here:

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