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Ever Noticed Those Bumps on The F and J Keys On Your Keyboard? Here’s Why They Exist!





Before going any further, please do me a little favor – go take a good look at your laptop or desktop computer’s QWERTY keyboard.

See those tiny bumps on the F and K keys? Yes? Okay, great!

Although most keyboards have bumps on those two keys, it can be safely said that most users hardly ever notice them or know the exact reason why they exist in the first place.

Well, we did some digging on the web and found some answers.

The little bumps on the F and J keys are important for effective touch typing.

keyboard bumps f anf j 1

On a recent post on the Wimp website, we learn the real purpose behind these little ridges. According to the blog, the two bumps are important for effective touch typing.

“With touch typing, users are trained to rely on muscle memory instead of sight… Muscle memory takes over and users can type without having to look at the keyboard, achieving speeds of 60 words per minute (WPM) or more.

This is where those bumps on the F and J keys come in. They are a tactile indicator for your index fingers to know if your hands are in the right spot. After each word, the hands are meant to return to the central position… using the bumps as a guide.”

With the bumps in place, you can type like a pro without having to look down on the keyboard often.

keyboard bumps f anf j 2

Source: Getty Images

So yes, the bumps allow you to feel the keyboard so you can position your left and right index fingers on their correct spots. From these positions, it should be easier for you to navigate the keyboard and locate the other letters.

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