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Henry Cavill Builds A Gaming PC From Scratch – And We Can’t Look Away!




  • Superman actor Henry Cavill recently shared an Instagram video showing himself building a gaming PC from scratch.
  • The video immediately attracted millions of views, with many commenting how “oddly-satisfying” it is to watch.

We all know him as Superman of the DC movies and as Geralt of the hit Netflix series Witcher. But there’s one thing casual fans may not be aware about: Henry Cavill is actually a huge gaming nerd.

Tthe 37-year-old British actor has repeatedly shared his love for playing video games in the PC during some of his interviews. In fact, he told GQ that he thinks gaming at home is just much more fun than going out.

As if that declaration wasn’t enough, the Superman star recently posted a video of himself assembling a gaming PC from scratch – and it totally broke social media in unexpected ways!

Cavill cheekily captioned his Instagram post this way:

“This kind of material isn’t for everyone.Viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven’t seen before.”

The 5-minute footage quickly gained millions of views and netizens couldn’t help but leave their reactions. Some loved the actor’s passion for PC gaming while others are just, well, admittedly mesmerized by those massive biceps.

Going through the comments, we even noticed someone calling the video “a new kind of porn.” Another joked: “If Superman builds a computer, does that make it a super computer?”

Here are some of the hilarious comments we’ve seen on social media:

Meanwhile, you can go check out the original upload here:

If anything, I’d just like to point out how amused I am with his choice of curtain design. Or were you too busy to notice that? Well, we couldn’t blame you.

Anyhow, keep gaming, Henry! We love it whenever we see a favorite celebrity’s geeky side.

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