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Woman Reveals You’re Holding Keys The Wrong Way As A Self-Defense Tool




  • TikTok user @faesfx posted a video where she shared about the wrong and right ways of using keys as a self-defense weapon.
  • In a demonstration, she shared how the common, Wolverine-style of holding keys isn’t very effective.
  • The video eventually went viral on TikTok, gaining over 2 million views.

Self-defense is an important skill for everyone and recently, some women have shared that they bring keys with them all the time to potentially use as a weapon against an attacker.

The problem with this, according to a TikTok user, is that some women are holding the keys the wrong way thus, greatly reducing its effectiveness as a self-defense tool.

Fae, who is known as @faesfx on TikTok, posted a video on the platform to get her point across. According to her, having the keys between the fingers is only good for one punch – and it may even hurt you.

You can watch the video here:
The video has since gone viral online, attracting over 2 million views.

Some netizens also took time to thank her for the insight. Others, however, pointed out that the two demonstrations weren’t exactly identical.

Fae later admitted in an interview:

“We’re definitely surprised, a little bit annoyed with myself for not checking if I used the same hold on her, but I thought it would be seen by 100 people max. So, even though the information is there. The demonstration on the first video is unfortunately terrible. My lovely model Charly is feeling the same way, happy for all the positive comments, but regretting we didn’t carry out the demonstration properly.”


Be mindful of what is legal in your country. Model @charlymarion12 #reclaimthesestreets #fyp #saraheverard

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Now Fae has posted a second video, to thank everyone who saw the first one, adding a reminder that carrying knives or chemicals is not permitted in some countries.

“In the UK, we have an issue with knife crime and it is illegal to carry,” she shared. “Unfortunately, there are strict laws over here with regards to self defense tools, there are very few things that can be used without being classed as an offensive weapon so if you don’t have a longer key you can use the smaller house key in the similar position. It might not be as effective but in the moment it is all about doing what you can to get away from your attacker, not to seriously harm them.”

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