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17 Proofs That The Internet Has All The Answers To Strange Questions





With today’s technology, anyone can get answers by simply “Googling it.” You can use the popular search engine for looking up even the strangest information and the great thing is that the world wide web is a great tool for everyone.

The only downside is people can give you an answer – whether it’s a fact or not. Those who are gullible enough will believe everything they read about or see on the Internet even if it happens to be a hoax. But there are also answers that offer logical explanations to situations that not many understand. These are the times when we can be thankful for having the Internet, particularly the discussion website Reddit.

#1. That time you’re wondering about this big nope.

Those furry things sticking out of the moth’s abdomen is a coremata, used to attract mates. And by the way, that’s a Creatonotos gangis.

#2. That’s interesting.

Poor snake. Poor innocent eggs.

#3. Hurry up to the car wash.

Specifically, that’s a spiny oak slug plagued by the eggs of a Microgastrine wasp.

#4. That explains it.

It’s a carpet stretcher.

#5. That’s definitely not the batmobile.

A cool NASA development.

#6. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007.

Close but still, it’s amazing for someone to know that it’s a Jeep.

#7. Does this belong to a human or animal?

Thankfully, it’s just a deer bone. Otherwise, it would be really creepy.

#8. Something normal.

Nothing to worry about although it does look pretty weird.

#9. Get that thing out, now!

The great thing is that the guy has a new pet.

#10. Oooh… A magic rite.

This still exists these days, eh?

#11. Nope. Not alien.

Scary, yet pretty.

#12. This is a dangerous creature.

Looks harmless but apparently, it’s not.

#13. Not a disgusting cockroach molt. It’s much worse.

This guy has been unknowingly hanging out with a rattlesnake.

#14. Now you know.

Not a lot of people realize this.

#15. Get used to it.

A robot delivering food? That sounds really cool!

#16. Is that a camera?

Careful. You’ll never know when you’re being watched.

#17. Unfortunately, your daughter could be doing something naughty.

Someone’s busted!

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