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Beware of “Kissing Bugs” They May Sound Cute But They Are Actually Dangerous

What this little bug has is much worse and often symptomless.


So I learned today that there’s a creature called the Kissing Bug. At first I thought it’s something like the Praying Mantis, which got its name for its posture that looks like as if it’s well, praying. Well, the Kissing Bug got it’s name because it likes to bite people around the eyes and mouth during sleep. If you think it sounds harmless and results to something like itchy mosquito bites, you’re dead wrong. There’s nothing adorable about the bug’s “kiss”; it leaves an infection called Chagas disease which affects humans and animals.

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These bugs are becoming infamous for a potential kiss of death… and what’s more disturbing is they could be nesting near you. This little bug passes along a pretty serious parasitic infection to both humans and animals alike, that if left untreated can cause congestive heart failure. Some experts are even calling it the “new HIV/AIDS of the Americas”. It’s no surprise that they’re also known by the more appropriate name, Assassin Bugs.

If you’ve seen this bug near you, look out for fever, headache, enlarged lymph glands, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, swollen abdomen, chest pain, or weakness and fatigue to name just a few.


If you even suspect you’ve gotten this parasite, get these symptoms checked out fast because the next phase starts over 10 to 30 years later! This is when it moves into the heart muscles and really does some damage.


Chagas disease starts off with symptoms such as increased heart rate, weakness, diarrhea, swollen abdomen, confusion, and loss of appetite. These are just for starters. If left untreated, it can lead to fatal heart and gastrointestinal problems which could actually lead to death.

Watch the video to learn more about the Kissing Bug:

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Early detection and treatment is the key to surviving Chagas disease. Reduce the risk of contacting the disease by sealing any openings in your home that can serve as entrance to the bugs and keeping your house and yard as clean as possible.

Know the difference between Stinkbugs and Assassin Bugs


If you have dogs, better keep them indoors at night to avoid these nocturnal bugs. If the dog house is outdoors, keep it elevated off the ground. Never crush or squish the bug or touch it with your bare hands. Keep your eyes open for the Triatomine Bug whenever you’re outside – not all kisses are sweet!

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