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Woman Accused Of Being A Witch As She ‘Sweats’ Blood From Her Eyes Due To Rare Disease

Her husband left her because he thinks she’s a witch.

A woman in India has been branded a witch because she sweats blood from her eyes due to a rare medical condition. Her husband abandoned her and accused her of sorcery and witchcraft.

Only known as Geeta, the 21-year-old woman suffers from a condition called Hematohidrosis, an illness wherein a person sweats blood. Found in Saharsa district in the East Indian state of Biharhas, the woman is suffering from a condition that is so rare, it only affects one in 10 million people.

Many of the people who saw her branded her as a witch.

The doctors who have seen her don’t know what she is suffering from and never heard about it in the past. Her condition has shattered her dreams and her marriage. Her husband left her because he was afraid of her condition, accusing her of being a witch.

Geeta's father, a laborer, on the other hand, left their home in a bid to seek treatment for her.

He said that his daughter’s condition worsens every day. The blood started coming out from the other parts of her body. However, when a doctor checked her, her blood count and blood clotting functions were normal.

What is Hematohidrosis?

Source: Mirror

Hematohidrosis is a condition that causes various blood vessels that surround the sweat glands to narrow when the person is experiencing stress. When the anxiety becomes worse, the blood vessels then dilate until they rupture.

When this happens, the blood goes into the sweat glands, which push the blood to the surface of the skin. It appears as if the person is bleeding from the skin, eyes or other parts of the body with sweat glands. Commonly, the condition is seen on the face.

The exact cause of the condition is still unclear because it’s extremely rare. In fact, only a little information is known about the illness.

Other individuals were reported to have the same condition. In 2010, a 14-year-old girl named Twinkle Dwivedi would cry blood. In Thailand, another girl named Phakamad Sangchai had the same condition. She would bleed from her eyes, ears, nose, and skin every time she complained of a headache.


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