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What You See in The Toilet Can Save Your Life





While many would cringe at the mere mention of the word poop, it is interesting to know that the appearance of our waste material says a lot about our health. In fact, by carefully observing our poop, we could actually save our lives.

Before flushing the toilet, take a good look at your stool particularly its shade and texture as it can indicate if you’re in good health or not.

While a smooth, soft and sausage-shaped poop indicates that you’re totally fine, a soft and sticky one could mean that you’re suffering from diseases like pancreatitis.

If you see even a hint of blood in our poop, you need to see a doctor immediately as it can possibly be a symptom of cancer, while a greasy and foul-smelling yellow stool means you excreted excess fat as a result of a malabsorption disorder like celiac disease.

Check out this infographic by and see if you have healthy poop.


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