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Dad Redecorates His Kids’ Bedroom and I Can’t Look Away.

Amazing ‘DIY’ room make-over especially made by a father for her two daughters.

Jessa Ventures





What’s so cool about ‘DIY’ is that it comes in handy every time especially at home. Aside from being cost-effective, a certain artistry and personal touch can be found in ‘DIY-ing.’ Put all those together and voila! You have your very own masterpiece.

The struggle of those people who are on a tight budget with a minimal and crowded space for a house is very common and is not ideal for kids, older people and growing families. Not everyone can afford a big house with separate rooms for clothes, toys and whatnot so ‘DIY’ really helps.

A ‘Garage-mahal-architect-builder, Maker and Do-er’ as he describes himself, Adam Hadlock is someone you would wish to have in your own home. In a matter of 3 days, this talented father came up with an amazing surprise for his two daughters by redecorating their room or a ‘DIY’ room make-over as he put it. The kids’ bedroom is now a playroom too with a unique tree house design. It’s also spacious enough for the girls to roll over with their toys and stuff. A DIY’ hammock to top it all makes it even better and fun.

Watch the awesome video below and see how Adam pull everything off:

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The girls love it! Their reaction is priceless and what a ‘super’ dad they have! Adam really put in a lot of effort, time and talent to make his kids happy and it paid off, the result is just amazing. No need to camp out!

Credits: SFGlobeGNDxero, Adam Hadlock

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He Cut a Hole in a Can of Tuna. The Result? This Could Save Your Life Someday!

I could hardly believe this life hack when I first saw it!

Inah Garcia



Makeshift things are sometimes the best tools one can ever have. Aside from taking advantage of its primary use, it gives us a sense of satisfaction knowing we were the ones who made them. Here is trick we found that can help create a light source where there is no electricity. Heads up, campers!

If you have a can of tuna, a pair of scissors, a lighter, and a little piece of tissue paper, then you are good to go. That might sound crazy, but believe us, that's everything you will need! Just cut a small hole on the the tuna can using a scissor, place a rolled tissue paper as wick, and light away! Don't believe us?

Watch the quick video here:

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Home & DIY

How To Give Your Staircase A Cool DIY Make-Over in 12 Awesome Steps!

This is a cool DIY project for bookworms out there!




I love reading as much as I love writing. I love the feeling of holding a book in my hands, as its spine rests on my palm, and the crisp smell of the paper as I turn each page. Among all the books that I have read, I have a few favorites - some of which I plan on reading again should I have some free time. Since I don't have much time to spare recently, I am okay with looking at the books that are sitting on my bookshelf for now, calmly waiting for me to pick them up.

However, for those bookworms out there who are not satisfied with keeping their books on bookshelves, and who wish to see more of their favorite books, today is your lucky day! Here is a DIY project that can transform your staircase (yes, you read that right) into a huge bookshelf. But you have to be ready to sacrifice your carpet for something more creative and original. If you're willing to do that, read on.

Before you start working on anything, you must first choose which books to include. This part of the planning process is essential because this step will let you decide on the colors and materials that you'll need. Once you finish choosing books, you're ready to start!

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Home & DIY

They Uncovered Something in the Backyard. So They Restored it to THIS!

This backyard got the coolest facelift ever!

Inah Garcia



Families usually spend their bonding moments in the backyard - having barbecue parties, basking in the sun, or just simply hanging out. But unfortunately for this family, they have to pass on these events because their backyard was relentlessly destroyed by a tornado.

But after 12 years, the family decided to wrap up the mess and restore their backyard into its original glory. It looked impossible to get the job done, with all the dirt and the thick bush covering the ground, but this family was able to do it!

Look at the amazing photos before and after the clean-up:

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