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Dad Redecorates His Kids’ Bedroom and I Can’t Look Away.





What’s so cool about ‘DIY’ is that it comes in handy every time especially at home. Aside from being cost-effective, a certain artistry and personal touch can be found in ‘DIY-ing.’ Put all those together and voila! You have your very own masterpiece.

The struggle of those people who are on a tight budget with a minimal and crowded space for a house is very common and is not ideal for kids, older people and growing families. Not everyone can afford a big house with separate rooms for clothes, toys and whatnot so ‘DIY’ really helps.

A ‘Garage-mahal-architect-builder, Maker and Do-er’ as he describes himself, Adam Hadlock is someone you would wish to have in your own home. In a matter of 3 days, this talented father came up with an amazing surprise for his two daughters by redecorating their room or a ‘DIY’ room make-over as he put it. The kids’ bedroom is now a playroom too with a unique tree house design. It’s also spacious enough for the girls to roll over with their toys and stuff. A DIY’ hammock to top it all makes it even better and fun.

Watch the awesome video below and see how Adam pull everything off:

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The girls love it! Their reaction is priceless and what a ‘super’ dad they have! Adam really put in a lot of effort, time and talent to make his kids happy and it paid off, the result is just amazing. No need to camp out!

Credits: SFGlobeGNDxero, Adam Hadlock

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