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Guy Installs DIY Elevator At Home For His Girlfriend On Wheelchair




  • Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything built a home elevator for Cambry, his girlfriend on wheelchair.
  • The video of the project drew a lot of views and comments from netizens everywhere.

We agree with singer-songwriter John Mayer. Love isn’t a thing – it’s actually a verb! When you love someone, the best way to express it often isn’t through words alone but through your actions.

That’s exactly the reason why our hats are off for this awesome guy who decided to install an elevator in their home so his disabled girlfriend can move around with greater ease. Needless to say, the project is both impressive and heartwarming.

Meet Zack Nelson and his girlfriend Cambry.

Zack runs the JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube where he posts DIY & repair videos for his viewers. His clear explanations and easy-to-follow tutorials has helped him gain a reputation on the said video-sharing site. In fact, he has over 4 million subscribers there.

For his latest project, Zack dug a hole in their floor so he can install a home elevator for Cambry.

According to Zack, the elevator he built is “fully electric, futuristic, and quiet.” It’s definitely the perfect gift for Cambry, who has been on the wheelchair for years.

With the elevator, Cambry can go up and down their home without requiring any help from Zack.
Watch the video here to see the process of how Zack installed a home elevator:

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Pretty amazing, right? We truly salute this man not only for his DIY skills but also for how much he obviously loves his girl.

Digging deeper into his channel, we also learned that he built an off-road electric wheelchair for Cambry back in 2018.

Check this out:

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If that’s not love, we really don’t know what is! We’re just glad she found him.

Meanwhile, those interested to follow JerryRigEverything’s DIY hacks and projects may check him out over at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or via his official YouTube channel.

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