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Gory Cut-Out Squiggle Brows Are Instagram’s New Viral Beauty Trend In Time For Halloween

Girls are trying the new eyebrow trend taking rounds on Instagram, but it is gruesome like it was hacked off the face!


Over the past few years of improving makeup techniques, the eyebrows have been one of the facial features that need detailed work. Today, girls can probably survive going outside without putting on a foundation, but not without their eyebrows done using branded brow pencils, gels or powder.

For the love of beautiful eyebrows, people have been coming up different brow trends where there were unique creations that started a craze among girls. There were feather brow fads, penis brows and the latest to take the internet by storm were the braided brows.

Isobelle takes the wavy brow challenge.

Source: instagram

But now that Halloween is just around the corner, a new eyebrow art is becoming popular on Instagram, but it is neither cute nor sexy as it looks squeamish and gory – just perfect to scare the Trick-or-Treaters away. The new brow craze has been posted by Special FX artist, Isobelle who is known for her signature gore creations.

She even posted a guide on how she did her gruesome squiggle eyebrows.

Source: instagram

The cut-out squiggle brows might upset your appetite and it is certainly not something that people with weak hearts should look at. Isobelle made her brow seem like it was hacked off her face. She even used special makeup effects to make it look bloody and give off some serious Halloween vibes.

Isobelle posted a step-by-step guide on her Instagram to let others try on the new gruesome eyebrow look. She started by patting her natural eyebrows down, covering her brow bone with natural toned foundation until the hairs are nonexistent.

The next step requires you to draw the wavy brow with a pencil, but you have to make sure that they are harshly shaped to make them look like they were sliced off your head. Isobelle then showed how to cover the eyebrows with red and black wax to create a bloody effect. Complete the look with faded red makeup around the outlines and let some fresh blood drip from your brows to make it more convincing and terrifying.

Jodie Elizabeth Evans started the squiggle brow trend on Instagram.

Source: instagram

Thousands of people liked Isobelle’s post, but apparently, the cut-off eyebrow look was originally inspired by another Instagrammer, Jodie Elizabeth Evans. The woman who goes by the username @evagore_ debuted the sliced brow look last September 3, weeks before Isobelle posted her brow tutorial.


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