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This Chicken Sandwich Took Six Months And $1,500 To Make





No, there’s no gold sprinkled in this sandwich. It’s really just a basic chicken sandwich with cheese, but every ingredient was made from scratch by this crazy young gentleman Andy George.

In a mission to create all things by hand, Andy George created the YouTube channel How to Make Everything where he plays god and creates all things from “nothing.”

This sandwich, for example, contains ingredients that weren’t bought from your local grocery store. George grew his own vegetables and tediously processed the cucumbers to make pickles.
Believe it or not, he reaped the wheat that made the bread for the sandwich, milked a cow for the cheese and the butter, slayed a chicken for the meat, and went to the beach to get salt. In truth, he was seriously questioned by the authorities because they have mistaken the salt as illicit drugs.

Andy George farming for his sandwich.

sandwich 3

A snack that takes Subway 15 minutes to make took six months, and cost Georgea whopping $1,500 to create.

The most expensive sandwich to date.

sandwich 1

Is it worth it?

The taste test.

sandwich 2

In the video below, George said that the snack was not bad.

“Not bad. That’s about it,” he said.

He let other people taste it in this follow-up video and they actually protested and said the sandwich is really bad.

With this video, George hopes to strike a chord in all of his viewers. He hopes that people would value the seemingly simple everyday things we have in life. He hopes that people would not take for granted even the simplest of things by showing the real value of things.

This invites us to re-evaluate how we treat people we interact with on a day-to-day basis. She may be the lady who supplied us milk that made our coffee taste better this morning, or our mother who tirelessly makes us breakfast before we see the crack of dawn. Whatever it is that helps us get through the day, this video make us remember not to take those for granted, and live a life of gratitude.

Watch the full video here:

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