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White Himalayan Cat Skates His Way to Instagram and TikTok Fame




  • A talented Himalayan cat named Yeti is becoming popular on Instagram and TikTok.
  • This happened after his owners, Kylee Kimler and Randy Price, saw him skating around their house in Vancouver, Canada.
  • The two created an Instagram and TikTok account to document Yeti’s progress on the skateboard.

A talented white Himalayan cat, Yeti, from Vancouver, Canada is gaining followers on Instagram and TikTok after showing off his skateboarding prowess.

Yeti surprised his owners – Kylee Kimler and Randy Price – after he took an interest in the skateboard in their living room.


Kylee shared that they did not help or train Yeti. But one day, they just spotted him with one paw on the board and the other one smoothly setting the wheels in motion. When the wheels moved, Yeti hopped on the skateboard and glided across the room. 


Kylee shared that she couldn’t believe what she had seen that she turned to Randy and asked, “Did he just do that by himself?”

Randy confirmed what she saw. They eventually took a video of the trick and shared it on Instagram and TikTok. 

The said video proved to be the beginnings of Yeti’s fame, as it attracted thousands of views and followers on both Instagram and TikTok.


Since they taped Yeti’s little adventure, the couple has caught the cat on cam multiple times. Most of them show him mastering his jump on the static skateboard.

They also created an Instagram account specifically for Yeti. It displayed all the documented antics of the curious cat.


One specific post made on the account reads, “When nobody is watching. I skate.”


A TikTok account was also created for Yeti. Some posts show him gliding on the skateboard around the house like this one.

One of his most popular Tiktok videos shows him messing with his dad, Randy.

As of writing, Yeti has already amassed 2,843 followers on Instagram and 4,640 followers and 27k likes on TikTok.

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