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Vancouver Protesters Defy Social Distancing, Claim COVID-19 is “Fake News”




  • Protesters in Vancouver, Canada gathered outside the city hall, defying orders to observe physical distancing.
  • The group carried signs that claim COVID-19 is “fake news”.
  • Authorities called the protesters as “self promoters” and downplayed their message.

Amid reminders from authorities to stay home and observe social distancing in public, a group of protesters gathered in Vancouver and dismissed coronavirus as “fake news”. In the photos and videos that have since gone viral on social media, we see around 15 individuals outside the City Hall holding up signs in an attempt to send their message.

Naturally, the protesters have been repeatedly bashed by concerned netizens for the irresponsible stunt. Many slammed them for defying official orders implemented in the hopes of preventing further spread of COVID-19 in the country.

However, the group seems to have also drawn some sort of support along the way.

Case in point, self-declared investigative journalist Dan Dicks posted about it on Twitter and hashtagged it with #EndTheLockdown. On another tweet, he described the protest as a “massive march against tyranny”.

Meanwhile, Adrian Dix, health minister of British Columbia, shrugged off the protesters’ claims and told the media there is much more important work to be done than to give them any attention.

Dix said:

“People are essentially trying to promote themselves [and] what are marginal views. Focus on what we need to do together and don’t allow people who are attempting to promote themselves, by using the suffering of others, to distract us.”

Dr. Bonnie Henry, provincial health officer, has recommended strict observance of physical distancing in public places.

Individuals in Vancouver who intentionally violate the orders can be fined up to C$1,000 (US$750) while establishments that fail to implement it can be penalized for as much as C$50,000 (US$37,500). These fines, however, only apply for bars and restaurants, not on city streets.

As of April 13, British Columbia has reported 1,490 confirmed coronavirus cases with 69 fatalities.

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