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Maskless Woman Gets Pushed Off A Bus After Spitting On A Male Passenger




  • A woman without a mask has been thrown off a bus in Vancouver, Canada after spitting on a fellow passenger.
  • The man took matters into his own hands and pushed her out of the vehicle.
  • Authorities are currently investigating the incident and once identified, the woman could be facing assault charges.

Masks are a must in many establisments these days, including in public transporations. Now transit authorities in Vancouver, Canada are probing a recent incident where a maskless woman has been thrown off a bus after getting in trouble with a fellow passenger. Apparently, the commotion was captured on film and it eventually went viral online after it was initially posted on TikTok.

In the said video, the woman can be seen spitting on a man, who later pushed her off the vehicle door until she fell outside on a pavement. Another female passenger can be heard in the background asking the man, “Oh my god, what’s wrong with you?” who defended “She spit on me.”

Public transit agency TransLink later posted a reply on Twitter, saying:

“The safety of our customers is our #1 priority. Thank you to everyone for their concern. Transit Police are currently investigating this matter.”

Meanwhile, Sergeant Clint Hampton shared that they’re having a hard time following the case after the account of the person who uploaded the original video has been deleted.

Sgt Hampton pointed out:

“This makes the investigation difficult, we are working off a video with very limited information. We know when the video was posted but we don’t know when it was taken. Was this taken yesterday or was it taken three months ago?”

Once identified, the woman could face an assult charge for spitting at the man, added the officer.

Watch how it all happened in this short footage:

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