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Canadian Teacher Tells Student To “Go Back To The Philippines And Work On Rice Farms”




  • A school in Vancouver suspended a teacher for three days after making racist, homophobic, and hyper-sexual comments to his students.
  • Reports also stated that the teacher was fond of sharing “way too much information” about his sex life.
  • The school has previously disciplined the teacher over his inappropriate behavior in class.

Klaus Hardy Breslaur, a teacher from Vancouver, is facing a three-day suspension for making inappropriate comments during his classes. According to reports, Breslaur has often made racist, homophobic, and hyper-sexual remarks.

The British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation stated that Breslaur has been teaching Science 9, Science 10, and Physics 11 at an undisclosed school in Vancouver, Canada.

Here are some of the inappropriate remarks he made to his students between school year 2017 and 2018:

1. “If you didn’t want to be here in my class, you should go to a chicken farm and pluck chickens”.

Breslauer told a student who seems uninterested in his class to do that instead.

2. “If you didn’t get good grades, you will be sent into a minefield”.

He said that to a student whose father is from Iran.

3. “You should go back to the Philippines and work on rice farms”.

A Filipino exchange student got those mean remarks from the teacher. NarCity also reported that he also said the same comment to another Filipino student who attended his class unprepared.

4. “You are watching too much Hentai”.

He said that a Japanese student when he failed to answer his question correctly. Hentai is a Japanese anime pornography.

5. “You deserve to meet cheaters later in life and get sexually-transmitted diseases”.

Breslauer told that inappropriate remark to a student who he suspected of cheating in a test.

6. “You cannot run away from life’s problems”.

A student requested for a bathroom break and that’s how the teacher rudely responded. He also did not grant the student’s request.

Aside from these instances, NarCity reported that Breslauer has also been keeping hundreds of memes on his official school computer, which often contained racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic messages.

Meanwhile, a school staff member also added that the teacher is popular for “sharing too much information” about his sex life. Breslauer’s former job is a bouncer and he has a gambling addiction history.

All the controversy resulted to the institution suspending Breslauer for three days, as an “appropriate consequence” for his behavior. Moreover, the institution also noted that he has previously undergone disciplinary action because of past complaints.

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