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Mom Plans To Keep Her Christmas Tree Up All Year “Until The S**t Show Is Over”




  • A British mother made a post on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, sharing how she has kept her Christmas tree up all year.
  • According to her, she’s determined to let the tree stay during the pandemic: in fact she has already refashioned it for next month’s Valentine celebration.

Although the holiday celebrations are already over, one British woman still refuses to take down her Christmas tree and decorations. Her reason? She says she intends to keep them around “until the s**t show is over.”

According to her Facebook post, she took the tree down from her loft last March when the first Covid-19 lockdown started. Now she’s determined to let it stay for the entire year and just tweak it up a bit depending on the occasion. As the photos below show us, she has recently given the tree a Valentine-themed makeover.

A Christmas tree turned Valentine’s tree?

She posted on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group:

“I got this tree down from the loft last March, when all this kicked off.

“I’ve made it into a rainbow tree, it was then an Easter tree, a birthday tree, a VE Day tree, a summer tree, Halloween and Christmas.

“I decided to keep it up and decorated until this s**t show is over.”

There’s just no changing her mind: the tree definitely stays!

She continued:

“Introducing my Valentine’s Tree. This morning we did this and my seven-year-old loved it.

“Can’t beat fairy lights and a decorated tree to keep atmosphere in the home in these tough days. Sending you all love.”

Some members on the said Facebook group applauded the unique concept, with one even commenting “What a super idea. I love it!” Others agreed and wished they also came up with the same idea before putting their trees away.

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