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Large Snake Disturbs Mom and Baby’s Hammock Nap




  • An unnamed Vietnamese woman putting her baby to sleep on a hammock was caught on video.
  • It was a common sight in many parts of Asia, except for the large snake that slithered from behind the hammock.
  • The mother didn’t immediately notice the snake, which made the scene scary.
  • When she did, she backed away with the baby immediately, handling the scene quite well.

A mother was putting her baby to sleep on a hammock when a large snake slithers from behind, disturbing the tranquil scene taken from Ben Tre, Vietnam.

Rocking a baby to sleep on a hammock is not an uncommon occurrence in some parts of the world, particularly in Asia. In Southeast Asia, a baby hammock known as “yao lan” is pretty popular in particular. It is also quite effective at getting babies to sleep because of the gentle rocking back and forth.

That said, the Vietnamese mother who was captured on video while calmly rocking her baby to sleep is not an unusual sight. What made the scene shocking was when a large snake, probably a python, slithered in from the door’s direction and reared its head towards the hammock where the baby lies.

The video showed that the snake reared its head a few times before the mother noticed it. Though it didn’t seem like it at first, the mother was immediately terrified upon seeing the snake. She also snatched her baby from the hammock and backed away in panic. Towards the end of the video, the snake was seen going out the door on its own.

It was unclear what happened to the snake afterward, as the video did not capture the rest of the incident. However, this is not an isolated case in many places in Asia. In Vietnam and Thailand in particular, snakes that wander into the house are not unheard of because of the rich biodiversity housed in the jungles and mountains of these countries. Vietnam, in particular, is known for being home to many species of snakes.

In Dong Tam, Vietnam, there is even a renowned snake farm and center for snakebite treatment that travelers like to visit. The farmhouses over 400 different species of snakes, of either the poisonous and non-poisonous variant. There is also a dedicated area for the cultivation of medicinal herbs, accessible to travelers.

Watch the full video here.

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