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British Teen Slips Into 11-Month Coma, Now He’s Finally Waking Up During The Pandemic




  • Joseph Flavill, 19, fell into an 11-month coma because of a vehicular accident.
  • The British teen caught Covid twice while in the hospital.
  • Now he’s finally waking up and his family thinks “it’s going to be a shock” since he remains unaware about the global pandemic.

A car accident caused 19-year-old Joseph Flavill to slip into a long coma. The tragic incident happened in Staffordshire, England on March 1, 2020. He was immediately rushed to a hospital.

Back then, the United Kingdom only had 23 recorded cases of coronavirus infections. Later that same month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the public saying everyone “must” stay home, adding that some businesses will be “immediately” closed.

Fast forward to the present, Joseph is starting to wake up from the coma in the middle of a global pandemic. Now his family members are struggling about the idea of explaining everything to him.

Kate Yarbo, his aunt, said:

“When he comes out of this, life will not be as he knows it at all. How do you describe it?

“I think it’s going to be a shock. We’re all still processing it — I’m not sure you can ever actually describe how this pandemic feels.”

Kate further pointed out:

“How scary is it to (have nurses) in PPE when you don’t understand what’s going on? He’s only ever going to understand it through our ability to describe it, and through news stories. The horror!”

“It’s almost like he slept through the whole pandemic,” another aunt Sally Flavill-Smith remarked.

According to reports, Joseph suffered from severe traumatic brain injury, plus he was even infected by Covid twice – once while in a coma and once while he was awake. Fortunately, he recovered from both instances.

Now his condition has greatly improved and his loved ones are extremely happy about it.

“We are also very excited to report that Joseph has started to emerge slowly from his stage-two coma, and is beginning to respond to simple commands and stimulation,” wrote the family wrote on his site Joseph’s Journey.

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