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I Can’t Believe What this Blind Boy Can Do! Such An INSPIRING Story!





Children who are born with deformity should not be judged immediately.  They should be provided with same opportunities as other normal children.  They should simply be considered as gifted in one way or another.  They should be taken care of with utmost and unconditional love.

Patrick Henry Hughes was born without eyes and has been crippled from birth.  Despite the physical human reality that was embedded to him, his parents did not lose hope in him.  But rather, they remain steadfast and committed to providing a normal and great life to their son.  Patrick was still very fortunate in the sense that he was given two most wonderful people that were passionate and committed to stay by his side and help him live a normal life.

At the age of 2, Patrick started to learn how to play the Piano; quite very young, indeed!  Within just a couple of tries, he can already find the exact note in the piano.  Later, he was already playing music without any formal schooling.  Strapped in the wheel chair, he continued studying music and learned to love it all the more by heart.  As he entered college, he was already well known throughout his city as someone who can play musical instruments very well. Every note that he played was just music to everyone’s ears.

Patrick’s story is extraordinary.  He is not only an inspiration to other gifted children but more so to all of us normal persons who do not use our talents and skills to the fullest to attain our dreams in life.

Check out the video and hear him play the music.  Be amazed and be inspired with his wonderful music!

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