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Blind Man Who Says He Can’t Work Due To His Disability Gets Caught Reading A Newspaper

So, is he really blind?

It’s a common thing to be approached by someone offering to sell us packets of tissue. We might not particularly need the tissues at that time, but we buy it and hope that it would at least help them out a little — especially when the seller is a blind old man.

There are so many scammers these days that it is sometimes difficult to discern which people actually need help and which ones are just pretending to be sick to get your sympathy (and money). While it’s true that scammers are rampant nowadays, it seems unfair to generalize and label nearly everybody as one. Take the 72-year-old man from Singapore, for example.

Liu Zhen Xian has a board telling people walking past that he’s blind, and he’s selling tissue to make a living because he has no other choice.

The board reads:

“I am blind and unable to work. I can only sell tissue paper. Please help me. Thank you for your support.”

However, he is now being called a scammer by netizens after he was caught reading a newspaper.

While many people were more than willing to help the blind man at first, things began to change after he was spotted reading a newspaper while tending to his tiny store.

The truth is, Liu Zhen Xian is completely blind in his right eye and visually-impaired in his left eye. He even has an official ID from the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicap to prove it.

He explained that his right eye was injured by a marble back in his 20s while his left is suffering from deterioration due to age.

Liu Zhen Xian has trouble seeing in low-light conditions but still persist in his long-time habit of reading newspapers despite his poor eyesight.

The old man was distraught when he found out that netizens were accusing him of being a conman and scamming the public.


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