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Old Man Playing The Piano Gets Audience To Sing For Him In Viral Video





Some musical performers just know how to get people going. An old man who plays the piano in a mall in the Philippines just went viral for getting his audience to sing for him in an awesome video. The gifted pianist even gave the people specific instructions to make sure they are in sync with his playing.

In the viral video, the piano man jokes with the crowd. He tells them not to listen to the music playing inside the mall and only pay attention to him. The man instructs his audience to begin singing when he starts playing.

This awesome piano man is about to get his audience to join his performance.

The old man stops then firmly tells his audience to start singing at the count of three. This time, they get it right and he continues tickling the ivories as the crowd sings in unison.

The old man wants his fellow performers to get the song right.

The old man is not a random mall visitor. He is known as Lolo Pianista (Pianist Grandpa) and has been performing at the SM Glorietta Mall in Makati, Metro Manila for several years. As the video became viral, people offered up information about the delightful piano man.

Lolo Pianista is a common fixture at the Manila mall.

One comment revealed that Lolo Pianista was once a church pianist at a private school in Manila. Old friends identified him as Lolo Bong Infante. Some comments just wanted to praise the awesome man for his spirited performance.

“Cheers to you! I pray I will be like you when I get to your age, still playing each note of life with such delicious rendition,” said one fan.

The awesome piano man is clearly proud of his fellow performers.

Lolo Pianista certainly proves that passion for music shouldn’t fade with old age. He continues to perform at the mall on a regular basis. If you can find him, he might even get you to join in on his awesome performances at any time of the day.

Watch the full video below:

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