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Blind Man Gets Emotional As He Finally Sees Again After 19 Years




  • A blind FIlipino man finally regained his sight after 19 years.
  • Thanks to a doctor in Pampanga, Philippines, the 65-year-old patient was able to see again.
  • The surgery lasted for 7 minutes and the overwhelmed man couldn’t help but express his gratitude.

A heartwarming video has gone viral on social media after it showed the touching moment when a blind man finally regained sight after almost two decades of being sightless.

According to reports, the viral clip was taken at a clinic in Pampanga province, Philippines last March 12. The surgery lasted for only seven minutes. In the footage, we see how the 65-year-old man was moved to tears because he simply couldn’t contain his happiness.

Doctor Noel Jusay Lacsama of the International Eye Center shared:

“It was a very special moment. The patient was able to see again after all those years.”

Meanwhile, we also learn that the patient suffered from cataracts before eventually going blind in both eyes. Fortunately, generous donors and a charitable organization stepped up to help him get the needed operation.

The old man later shook his doctor’s hands and proceeded to give him a hug.

He exclaimed:

“God put knowledge in people to help others and do good. Thank you to our Lord and also to you, Doctor Noel, too. Remember God created us in his image to worship the Lord and do good.”

His wife, on the other hand, reflected::

“My husband first lost his vision in his right eye, then slowly lost the vision in his left eye, too. I almost gave up hope that I would ever be able to see again. He did not want to go to other specialists, only here because people said this place is the best. We heard about the doctor through a radio program and my husband became hopeful that he could see again.”

Watch the viral video here:

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