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5 Beverages You Need To Avoid For A Flatter Stomach

You’ll be surprised with #4!

Nobelle Borines





Everybody wants washboard abs. Although getting a flat stomach is usually attainable through proper diet and exercise, some people still have trouble trimming down their midsection. Could it have something to do with their choice of beverage? Well actually, yes, some drinks can impede your chances of getting a flatter tummy.

Bloating is usually the main reason why we suddenly notice our waistlines are expanding. Although abdominal bloating is often caused by the food that we eat, the beverage you drink regularly could also be a culprit.

Here are common drinks that you need to avoid so you can get a flat stomach:

#1. Avoid soda at all costs

Carbonated drinks are notorious for causing bloat. In addition to that, sodas are usually loaded with sugar which can make your stomach produce more gas. It might give you a temporary sugar high but this beverage will not help you get the abs you want.

#2. There’s a reason it’s called a beer belly

Like soda, beer promotes gas production in your gut. Some believe that you can prevent bloating with the way you pour your drink. Nevertheless, it is best to keep your beer consumption in moderation if you want a flat stomach.

#3. Stay away from cow’s milk

Milk might be linked to weight loss for some people but it can also cause bloating when taken frequently. You can still enjoy a glass of milk to help shed the excess pounds as long as you limit your intake. Another option is to go for soy or almond milk.

#4. Minimize your coffee intake

This may come as a surprise for most people but coffee can actually cause bloating just as badly as soda and beer. Black coffee can be very acidic and irritate your gut when taken on an empty stomach. Make sure to eat some breakfast before sipping on this hot daily beverage.

#5. A glass of red wine can add inches to your waistline

Red wine has two things that can promote bloating: yeast and sugar. A combination of the two can instantly cause you to bloat faster than you can say, “I’m only having one glass.”

Pro tip: you can switch to white wine which contains less sugar than red wine.


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