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Pringles Japan Releases Limited Edition 1.5-Meter Cans For Hungry Fans




  • For the Pocky and Pretz Day, Pringles Japan came up with a life-sized can of the popular chips.
  • It’s a limited edition cheese-flavored Pringles, and they only made one batch.
  • On Twitter, the brand also offered to choose 11 lucky fans who will have their favorite snack modeled to their height.

ICYMI, Pringles Japan has released a limited edition can—measuring about 1.5 meters—for the celebration of this year’s Pocky and Pretz Day.

To celebrate the occasion, the Japanese arm of the company created a batch of massive tubes of crisps that are 161 cm long tall. They chose the length to match the height of Haruka Fuwa, a YouTube star known as Fuwa-chan.

One of these 161cm cans were sent to Ahiru Neko.
He walked around with it.
After eating his fill, he shared it with his colleagues.
This made him realize one thing: This tall can of chips was made to be shared.
In a Twitter post, the company explained the reason for the life-sized cans.

They also announced that they are running a raffle and choosing 11 lucky people who will get Pringles modeled to their height.

With only 11 fans who can get their hands on a life-sized Pringles tailored to their height, it’s unlikely that many people can enjoy this.
What they can get hold of, however, is the Pringles advent calendar.

For the festive calendars, 12 pots of Pringles were made available on sale at £7.99 ($10.50). It contains four flavors – original, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, and BBQ – and is available at a better price than a big tube.

They also made an advent calendar with BrewDog for the booze lovers. It contains 24 beers: 15 new brands of beers launched this 2020, 6 online exclusives, and 2 beers that can only be acquired if you have the advent calendar.

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