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Florida Mom Earns $20,000 Selling Her Breast Milk Online




  • Julie Dennis, 32, sells her breast milk online.
  • She sells the milk at 99 cents per ounce and ships them to her buyers in an ice box filled with ice packs.
  • She admitted, however, that she often gets bashed by others for selling her milk.

32-year-old Florida woman Julie Dennis has shared how she has made $20,000 by selling her breast milk to strangers online. According to her, she started with the idea after giving birth to a surrogate baby. When the infant turned six months, she still had milk but no longer needed it. So she decided to offer it for sale instead.

“It’s not completely money-oriented, but I make sure it’s worth it for me and my family,” said the mother-of-two. “I get comments that shame me for asking for compensation for my time spent pumping, because a lot of people think it’s free for me to make so why would I charge for it.”

Pumping breast milk is definitely not as easy as some think!

In Julie’s own words, she “spends hours a day” hooked on her pump so it can really consume a lot of her time. That’s on top of doing other things such as cleaning, bagging and sterilizing the pumps.

She further pointed out:

“I wouldn’t go into the store and assume I can get free formula, so it baffles me that people expect free breast milk. Even charging one dollar per ounce I get paid less than minimum wage once you add up all the time spent on it. That’s not to include replacement of pump parts every six to eight weeks, the cost of bags, the cost of the sterilization units and four different pumps that I use.”

It’s all a “labor of love,” said Julie.

As of this writing, she has provided a year’s supply of milk for two babies for 90 cents an ounce.

Every month, she pumps around 15,000 ounces of milk and sends them to her buyers, shipping them in ice boxes full of ice packs.

Every once in a while, she also gets unusual requests from buyers – usually men – who are asking for videos or photos as ‘proof’ that the breast milk is actually from her.

“I have always just blocked people once a request like that is made,” said Julie.

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