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‘Hairy Chest’ Swimsuits for Women Guaranteed to Make People at the Beach Laugh Like Crazy





The world of fashion has come up with some of the most mind-boggling ensembles. We’ve encountered see-through illusion skirts, fake camel toe underwear, lace shirts-and-shorts sets for men, jeans made of clear plastic, jeans that expose your entire rear end, hopelessly ripped clothing, and strategically-positioned duct tape. This time we’re dealing with swimsuits that are designed to make people laugh.

A company called Beloved Shirts has come up with the Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit. There is nothing wrong with how the swimsuit was made. It actually looks elegant. However, what makes it unusual is the fact that it has the image of a hairy male torso printed on it. The tagline for the quirky swimwear is also quite unexpected: “Make the pool boy say, ‘WTF!'”

Who would dare wear this?

Unlike other fashion companies that insist on tagging their weird creations as “avant garde” or “fashion forward,” Beloved Shirts isn’t taking itself seriously. In fact, the company has made its name with quirky products. One of its most famous items are T-shirts bearing junk food logos.

The swimsuits are priced at $44. They’re available in a range of sizes — from XS for petite ladies to XXL for full-figured goddesses. The swimsuits also come in “dark” and “tan” colors.

Pick one to match your skin tone.

Teen Vogue writer Lynsey Eidell has taken notice of the weird swimsuit. “When worn, the sexy chest swimsuit gives the appearance that the individual is naked and flaunting a hairy physique,” she explained in her article.

Eidell added, “The swimsuit’s realistically hairy design has elicited strong reactions… One mother surprised her kids by wearing the bold suit, and they screamed in horror.”

This also serves as entertainment for people at the beach.

Netizens have had extreme reactions to the swimsuits. While some had expressed disgust for them, there are also those who are looking forward to wearing them. No doubt the latter group will have a lot of fun with people’s reactions when they walk along the beach.

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