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$1,800 Jeans Unzip in the Back to Expose Your Entire Rear End!





If you thought ripped clothing is insane, you have to brace yourself for this one. French clothing brand Vetements and well-loved American clothing brand Levi’s have teamed up to produce the High-Rise Distressed Jeans.

Then again, these aren’t the typical “distressed” denim pants that you commonly see. Vetements and Levi’s designed it with a zipper that you can undo to reveal your entire butt.

Reported retail price: $1,800 to $1,870.

Indeed, it takes the concept of “easy access” to whole new level. Once you unzip them all the way, your entire bottom is actually totally exposed — front and back.

The emphasis is definitely on the booty.

In any case, the outlandish nature of these pants is definitely true to form for Vetements, which is known to push the fashion envelope. The celebrities who are big fans of the brand include Kendall Jenner and Rihanna.

Can you imagine yourself wearing this?

Apparently, the whole Vetements X Levi’s collection features denim clothing with zippers in strategic places. It’s actually their spring collection. Thus, the fashion industry’s most respected magazines have weighed in on the Vetements X Levi’s collection. They all refer to the scene-stealing pants.

It looks good on the model, but how about on everyone else?

Lauren Alexis Fisher of Harper’s Bazaar wrote:

“No historian could have seen this coming but it seems as though we’ve officially entered The Great Jeans Apocalypse in the year 2017.”

She added that the Vetements X Levi’s collection has definitely entered “questionable territory.”

When it's all zipped up, it looks edgy enough.

For her part, Zoë Weiner of Teen Vogue also described the pants as “questionable-looking.” Nevertheless, she said that “this booty-highlighting look could certainly be considered the most innovative.” She likewise pointed out: “Plus, worrying about splitting your pants will be a thing of the past.”

It also comes in shorts.

Meanwhile, ordinary folks have mixed reactions towards the outlandish pants. In fact, some have joked that they’re absolutely perfect for when you have to go to the bathroom.

Well, we have to admit that they do have a point there.

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