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Senior German Couple Catches Attention Wherever They Go Because of Their Stylish Outfits




  • German couple Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöf have become fashion icons because of their stylish outfits.
  • The pair often attends events together.
  • Günther has previously gone viral after he gained popularity as the Hipster Grandpa.

Senior couple Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöf have become local fashion icons in Germany. Because of their fancy outfits, they always manage to attract attention wherever they go. Moreover, they also have a strong following on social media where they often post their photos.

In a recent BoredPanda feature, we even learn that the pair from Berlin “lead active lives” as they take time to attend different social events. Plus they love dancing, too.

Britt and Günther’s vibrant fashion style is just attractive and timeless!
In the past, Günther gained viral fame after netizens started dubbing him as the Hipster Grandpa.

According to him, dancing helped improve his health – although he only fell in love with it when he was already old.

He shared:

“Since then, I’ve been able to skip my other fitness program, I just need a little strength training on the side.”

And to clarify, no, he’s not a trained stylist nor has he worked as a professional. He’s actually a chef!

“I would have liked that, yes. But I wasn’t someone who rebelled, I did what my parents told me to do. It was hard for me at first, but it was okay. A completely normal job,” he said.

Check out more of their photos below:


























They definitely look good together! And yes, if it needs to be said: they’re rocking this aging thing and doing it very gracefully. We should all probably take notes!

Now watch this video featuring the Hipster Grandpa:

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If you want to follow the stylish couple on social media, you can go check Günther and Britt on their individual Instagram accounts.

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