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Topshop Sells See-Through Jeans Made of Clear Plastic and People Are Totally Baffled





Fashion retailers are often on a quest to launch the next hot trend. Then again, some of them go overboard with their so-called design innovations. How else could we explain the existence of fake camel toe panties, jeans that expose your entire rear end, and ripped clothing? Well, see-through jeans are about to join the list of these baffling fashion trends.

British multinational fashion retailer Topshop has come up with the Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans. Needless to say, the jeans have gotten pretty strong reactions — mostly not good. Indeed, people are baffled over the see-through jeans.

These jeans leave nothing to the imagination.

Source: Topshop

Topshop suggests that the jeans are perfect for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement at “a festival or costume party.”

Price tag: $59.88

Source: Topshop

As Sophie Roberts of The Sun observed, “The cropped trousers, which are hemmed just above the ankle, look almost like tailored cling-film.” Her comment is actually one of the kindest ones about these pants.

Can you imagine if the model didn't wear anything underneath?

Source: Topshop

Despite these reactions, the folks at Topshop believe that these pants could become a hot fashion must-have. They’re promoting it as an “out-of-the-ordinary” statement piece that is “guaranteed to get people talking.”

Indeed, people have been asking,

“Why can’t they just leave jeans alone?”

Truth be told, we also don’t know why some fashion designers would even want to “reinvent” jeans.

What will they think of next?

Source: Topshop

Most fashion trend watchers have given the pants a bad review. They pointed out that when it comes to fashion trends, there are some that are timeless and others that are best left forgotten. Now, there’s no denying that many of us would want to wipe out all traces of these see-through pants. Then again, who knows? There may be people who think that this is the best fashion piece ever.

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