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Women Wear Nothing But Duct Tape to Cover Their Private Parts in Bizarre Clubbing Trend

There are women who have dared to go out to clubs dressed in nothing but duct tape strategically covering their most intimate areas.

Fashion trends can range from sophisticated to baffling. We’ve encountered see-through pants, jeans that expose rear ends, fake camel toe panties, and ripped clothing.

But just when you thought that style trends couldn’t get any crazier, here comes duct tape couture. Yes, you read that right. Duct tape is now a hot fashion item.

Joel Alvarez worked hard to promote the trend.

Apparently, Miami-based fashion designer Joel Alvarez is responsible for this daring new trend involving duct tape. He calls it “The Black Tape Project.” He has an Instagram page dedicated to the trend that he started.

The tape job is tedious.

Indeed, the Daily Mail quoted Alvarez as explaining,

“Embodying the character of Miami’s nightlife culture, The Black Tape Project incorporates one of the most common household items, coalesced with (my) artistic flair and the natural beauty of the human body.”

These ladies are ready for a night out.

Moreover, Alvarez tapped a group of models for the edgy project. The models can be booked to attend events. In fact, they’ve been spotted at clubs in New York, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, and Europe. These women have definitely contributed to the popularity of the duct tape trend.

They're sure to make quite a scene.

In any case, there are some women who choose to be more modest with their execution of the edgy trend. For instance, they wear jeans and just use duct tape as their tops.

When it's this elaborate, it doesn't look like duct tape.

Then again, there are women who really push the envelope, so to speak. Some of them leave nothing to the imagination.

Here comes the duct tape crew.

While there are those who have criticized The Black Tape Project, there are also people who are fascinated by it. In other words, the trend is getting more and more intense.

Silver-colored duct tape adds some shine.

As proof of this, it seems that the models of The Black Tape project are always getting booked in clubs. Likewise, The Black Tape Project is now also a fully established company. With the way things are going now, the company may need more models to showcase Alvarez’s duct tape creations.

Apparently, it can go from night to day.

Only time will tell if this trend will still be considered hot in a few months. After all, there was a time when body painting was the hottest trend.

A lot of people are getting into the duct tape frenzy.

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Trend watchers are now making guesses about just how “sticky” the duct tape trend will last.


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