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Barbie Dolls Used to Recreate the Famous Moments of 2015





Remember Hipster Barbie? It’s a great example of how Barbie dolls can be used to depict real-life people and scenarios. Now here’s another Instagram account that uses Barbies to perfection. User adollworldafterall dressed and posed the dolls to reenact famous moments in 2015 and did a splendid job at it. The account’s owner says “Never got to play with dolls as a child. This is me catching up.”

Check out these awesome pics!

And the new Miss Universe is….

The Bieb flashes his ****.

Rey and BB-8

You used to call me on my cellphone..

Hello from the outside…

I must have called a thousand times…

Shame! Shame!

Got me looking so crazy right now…

Broke the internet!

Make sure to check out the Instagram account to see more Barbie pics!

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