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Adolf Hitler, a Local Politician, Gets Elected in Namibia




  • Hitler got elected as councilor in Ompundja, located in the Oshana region in Namibia.
  • Namibia was a former German colony and names such as Adolf were quite common.
  • He said that has no plans for “world domination” and he had “nothing to do” with the Nazi ideology.

Getting almost 85 percent of the votes, Adolf Hitler got elected as a councilor in Ompundja, located in the Oshana region in Namibia. But unlike his famous namesake, Adolf has no plans for “world domination” and he has “nothing to do” with the Nazi ideology.

Namibia, which was former German colony, has a small German-speaking community and some places and people still have German names. Having a name such as Adolf is quite common.

This Adolf, whose full name is Uunona Adolf Hitler, said that his father “probably didn’t understand what Adolf Hitler stood for” when he named his son after the German dictator.

When Hitler fully understood the significance of his name, it was already too late to change his name in official records. His wife, who he said views the whole thing pragmatically, simply calls him Adolf.

“As a child I saw it as a totally normal name… Only as a teenager did I understand that this man wanted to conquer the whole world,” Hitler added.

He stressed that “world domination” is not part of his plans in life. “The fact I have this name does not mean I want to conquer Oshana

Hitler represents the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO). This ruling part governs Namibia at a national level and is known for campaigning against colonial and white-mentality rule. SWAPO has ruled the country since 1990.

Namibia was part of German territory called German South West Africa between 1884 and 1915. Thousands of people were killed by the German empire during a 1904-08 revolt by local Nama, Herero and San people.

Recently, the German government made a reparations offer to Namibia which is worth € 10 million ($12.9 million).

Namibia turned down the offer, saying it wants to negotiate further for a “revised offer”.

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