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10 Plans Adolf Hitler Wanted To Implement Had The Nazis Won






Whenever the term Nazis surfaces, we can’t help but include the man himself, Adolf Hitler, in the conversation. After all, he embodied the Nazis during their heyday. And in fact, if they won, they would’ve implemented the infamous new world order.

The Nazis had always wanted to build a brand new fascist empire all over Europe. They’ve already written the blueprints, seemingly confident that they would win. We all know what happened, though. But what if Hitler and his boys did win the Great War? What would’ve happened to the world today?

Below are 10 interesting plans the Nazis wanted to implement. You would be surprised with some of them.

#10. Returning the Great American Land of the Natives

Source: Crosscut

Quite a surprise for a brutal, horrific entity, right? But believe it or not, the Nazis always planned to return the American land to its true owners: the natives. They worked with a group called American Indian Federation, which they actually won over fascist sympathizers. Apparently, the Nazis – Hitler in particular – loved every action of their Native American sympathizers. The Native Americans, on the other hand, were also loyal to the Nazis. They said to have around 750,000 individuals ready to fight with the Nazis.

#9. A Massive Giant Space Mirror

Source: Life

It’s true that the Nazis also had their own share of weird space plans, and one of these was bringing a massive space mirror. They planned to develop a gigantic mirror that was at least 1.6 kilometers in diameter in orbit 35,900 kilometers above the planet. And as a matter of fact, experts claim that they would’ve been successful had they won the war. The idea was pure and simple: Use the mirror as a magnifying glass. Whenever somebody made them angry, they would use it to tilt the mirror and reflect the Sun’s rays onto the target. And voila, an array of burning hot light would engulf into the offender.

#8. The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Share

In their respective war rooms, both the Nazis and the Japanese had already divided every part of the world and decided which to take. But as agreed, Japan was meant to rule every part of the world east of the 70th meridian. This basically means India and everything after it. Japan even had a name for its empire and it was called “The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.” But no matter how interesting or friendly it sounded, it was still an evil plan. The people in each conquered nation would be trained as “leaders of their people.” And how can they successfully achieve this? Well, by turning all of them into puppet leaders of the great Japanese states.

#7. A Great Wall of Baby-Makers

The Nazi defense against the new and upcoming Japanese empire started at the 70th meridian east. Being paranoid that they were known for, they always believed that a war would spark soon. After all, having two rulers in the world wasn’t always a good idea – at least, this was what Hitler thought of. Their plan was to make a “living wall” consists of German colonists, all of whom would reside along the border. And they would have to reproduce as madly as they can. A man who served the Nazis for more than 12 years would have been sent to the border with a farm and gun. But his goal? To have plenty of babies as he could.

#6. Pitting England and America Against Each Other

Source: Listverse

Hitler had always been vocal about not wanting to invade America, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t interested. He even called the would-be invasions “as fantastic as the invasion of the moon.” But when the Americans started to turn the other cheek, everything changed. Hitler started to feel “hatred and deep repugnance” against the United States.

He was quoted saying,

Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it’s half Judaized, and the other half Negrified.”

Still, though, he didn’t think of invading America. It turned out that Hitler always though the United States and England would go to war themselves.

England and America will one day have a war with one another which will be waged with the greatest hatred imaginable. One of the two countries will have to disappear.”

#5. Enslaving Eastern Europe

The Nazis hate towards every Jewish person on the planet was no surprise, but their genocidal plans didn’t actually stop there. It was the Slavic people located in the Eastern Europe who earned the next “racially desirable” trophy from Hitler. They were meant to be eradicated. The entire plan was called Generalplan Ost, which was a systematic operation to remove the Slavs from the face of the earth. Apparently, though, if the Nazis won and took Russia, they would have opted to deport all 31 million Slavs to Siberia. But there, they would have to work as slaves in forced labor camps. It was still a slow death for them.

#4. Shooting Gandhi

Source: Biography

In 1938, just before the war exploded, Hitler gave the British foreign minister a simple advice: “Shoot Gandhi.”

And if this doesn’t suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of the Congress.”

As far as Hitler was concerned, he was confident that the British were quite too light a hand with all the peaceful protests of Mahatma Gandhi. He even though of Indians as a “lower race,” who needed to be ruled by Aryan rule. And if the Nazis won the war, there was no doubt Gandhi would’ve been sleeping six feet below the ground. And the Indians? May the gods have mercy on them.

#3. Enslaving All British Men

Source: The Day

As the infamous war raged on, the British remained a stronghold. They never surrendered to the Nazis. This eventually influenced Hitler’s feelings towards the English people. He started to think of ruining their lives – and he already had plans for it. If Britain fell into the hands of the Nazis, they were to introduce a brand new law. Every able-bodied male between the ages of 17 and 45 was to be transferred to continental Europe. There, they would be forced to work as slave borders. Women and children, on the other hand, would get to stay in their respective homes. But when the boys would turn 17, they would be subjected to the said law.

#2. Letting the Muslims Rule the Middle East

Given his hate towards the Jewish people, it wasn’t a surprise that Hitler became a pro-Muslim. In fact, he and Heinrich Himmler shared the same complaint towards Germany.

Hitler claimed,

The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity.”

The Nazi leader, later on, promised Italy to the Middle East. But as the war went on, his tune started to change. He found a kindred spirit in the name of Haj Amin al-Husseini – the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. And guess what this dude said to Hitler that made them automatic best friends.

The English, the Jews, and the Communists are our common enemies.”

Unfortunately for them, their tandem didn’t work. When the Nazis’ defeat started to surface, Hitler blamed the entire Muslims for all their failures.

#1. Converting Eastern Europe Into Jehovah’s Witnesses

Source: Coreyjo

Had the Nazis won the Great War, Easter Europe would have had a different religion: Jehovah’s Witnesses. Ironically, the Nazis slaughtered thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses in various concentration camps. Himmler, however, encouraged Hitler that these people would do well to their cause one day.

Himmler was quoted saying,

If their fanaticism could be harnessed for Germany, we would be stronger than we are today!”

In Himmler’s belief, the Jehovah’s Witnesses had the perfect combination of pacifism and fanatical work ethic. These traits would’ve helped them work hard and keep them from violently resisting the fascist regime of Hitler. As a matter of fact, Hitler started to give specific orders to his officers: to allow the religion’s push in Eastern Europe.

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