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Father Complains About Son Being Threatened For Wearing Hitler Costume





It’s never a good thing when a child is being threatened. A father recently complained about his son being harassed while they were out getting treats for Halloween. However, the man may have overlooked the fact that he had dressed the boy as Hitler. In addition to that, he himself was wearing a Nazi soldier costume.

Bryant Goldbach took to Facebook to complain about his 5-year-old son being threatened as they went trick-or-treating. He stated that the boy was harassed by “grown adults” who “threatened to rip his outfit off of him screaming obscenities, scareing [sic] a small child.” However, Goldbach barely got sympathy for his post considering that their costumes offended several people.

These costumes certainly raised several eyebrows.

Goldbach explained that he and his son chose the costumes because they are big fans of history.

“Anyone who knows us knows that we love history, and often dress the part of historical figures. Tonight as we walked we saw people dressed as murderers, devils, serial killers, blood and gore of all sorts. Nobody batted an eye. But my little boy and I, dress as historical figures, and it merits people not only making snide remarks, but approaching us and threatening my little 5-year-old boy,” he wrote.

Needless to say, the post went viral as people reacted to Goldbach’s defense of his costume. Some comments pointed out that other people dressed up as make-believe murderers who never really harmed anyone while the Goldbachs were representing someone who actually took thousands of innocent lives.

Goldbach’s full statement about his son’s harassment.

Goldbach has since admitted he made a mistake. The father said that “he originally did it for historical purposes but admits he didn’t think through his idea.”

It’s certainly disconcerting when a child is being threatened. The real tragedy is that Goldbach’s son probably wasn’t aware of the effect of his costume.

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