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A Woman Had Strange Premonitions Before Giving Birth, See How Bizarre it All Turned Out

Her strange premonition gave us goosebumps!


Giving birth is an exciting event in a mother’s life at the same time a delicate or risky moment for any mother’s physical condition. Pregnant women should prepare for it physically, emotionally and mentally.

Giving birth is not easy, along with the joy there is also too much pain and difficulty to endure. All mothers should make sure that all throughout the pregnancy and delivery, she and the baby must be very healthy. These are the reasons how great mothers in the world are!

Most mothers are very excited to see their babies, they can’t wait for the moment to finally see and touch their babies even if they know the pain they will experience during labor and child birth. Some women day dream about that special day, others anticipate the joy and moment of birth but what if, a premonition happens to you not just once but many times? What if this premonition about your delivery is frightening? What will you do?

This is what happened to Stephanie Arnold. An alarming premonitions happened to her six times. All six forewarning messages were so clear and very real. In her premonitions, she saw herself having an atypical sickness while giving birth and dying right after.

Stephanie Arnold had six strange premonitions about her delivery.

Premonitions Before Giving Birth 1

Stephanie became so worried about it and decided to take action, she told her husband and doctors that she wants a full check up and tests, to see and make sure she has no existing illness that is needed to be addressed. She explained to them her premonitions, after taking all the tests; her results say that she is not sick at all.

Despite having negative results in all her tests, she still believes that her premonitions were true. When she is already about to give birth, one of her nurses requested in the chart to prepare extra blood for her during labor and delivery. That nurse is her guardian angel since the extra blood she asked for saved Stephanie’s life!

All her premonitions felt so real and became signs of caution.

Premonitions Before Giving Birth 2

Stephanie had a C-section and after giving birth, she had a complication. Her premonitions came true, that after giving birth she will die of a rare condition!

It happened to Stephanie in real life, she went through an amniotic fluid embolism and died for 37 seconds at the operating table. Amniotic fluid embolism is an uncommon condition.

Thanks to the nurse who heard her story about premonitions and made sure she has enough blood during the entire time of her delivery.

Stephanie had Amniotic Fluid Embolism and died for 37 Seconds

Premonitions Before Giving Birth 4

She eventually managed to recover from the rare condition.

Premonitions Before Giving Birth 3

Stephanie authored a book entitled 37 Seconds: Dying Reveals Heaven’s Help – A Mother’s Journey.

Her death for a few seconds and the gift of going back to life and being able to give birth to a healthy baby changed her outlook and perception in life, all of these lessons and experiences she shared in her book.

Stephanie later wrote a book to share her experience.

Premonitions Before Giving Birth 6

She was blessed with a new life – and a son.

Premonitions Before Giving Birth 5

Now she is happily living together with her children and husband, sharing the story of her life.

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