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Woman Saves Unborn Monkey’s Life by Performing C-Section On Its Dead Mother





Padtama Kedkuerviriyanon, 36, a female vendor of monkey food to tourists in Thailand, is being hailed a hero after miraculously saving an unborn monkey’s life. On one of her work days, she witnessed a pregnant monkey get hit by a car near a temple in Wat Khao No, Thailand, and she wasted no time to save the life of the little creature inside it.

Padtama has no medical or veterinary training, but she decided to get a blade and perform a caesarean-section operation on the dead adult monkey. She recalled her own experience when she gave birth while she tried to rescue the unborn monkey. A relative of hers filmed the astonishing feat she performed.

Padtama carefully sliced the abdomen of the dead monkey to save the tiny baby inside it.

She told the Bangkok Post:

“At that moment, I thought to myself the baby monkey would be dying inside its dead mother if I didn’t do anything to help save it.”

The female baby monkey appeared lifeless at first when Padtama pulled it out of the adult monkey’s belly.

But Padtama gently massaged its tiny chest and blew into its mouth until the tiny animal opened its eyes and started breathin. It was a miraculous moment to all who were there to witness it.

Padtama now serves as the miracle monkey’s surrogate mother.

She reportedly takes the infant monkey with her wherever she goes, feeds it milk using a syringe, and lets it sleep in her bedroom. She was quoted as saying:

“I think I will have to take care of it until she grows up enough to live on her own, possibly a year or so.”

Watch the footage below to see how Padtama performed the c-section on the dead adult monkey:

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