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World’s Most Fertile Woman Gets Banned From Getting Pregnant Again After Having 44 Kids

At long last!

  • Ugandan woman Mariam Nabatanzi, 40, is called the world’s most fertile woman after giving birth to 44 babies.
  • She now has 38 living children and the doctors have told her she’s no longer allowed to have more.

A woman from Uganda has earned the moniker “the world’s most fertile woman” for very good reasons. It may initially be hard to believe but yes, Mariam Nabatanzi has given birth to 44 children.

How is that even possible, you ask? Well you see, Mariam had her first set of twins when she was just 13 years old. She got married with her husband at age 12. Eventually, she gave birth to four twins, five triplets, and five quadruplets.

Life is tough for Mariam Nabatanzi and her children.

Now at 40 years old, the single mother, whose husband left her about 4 year ago, has 38 living children under her care. So she has to juggle her time working on three different jobs to provide for the entire family – and, of course, to send them to school.

“They can lack anything else,” she said, “but they must go to school.”

Doctors have already told her that she will no longer be allowed to have more kids and her uterus has to be “cut from the inside.”

According to her doctor, Mariam has “unusually large ovaries.” Unfortunately, using birth control was out of the question since it triggered further health problems. For example, she ended in a coma when she used IUD after having her 18th child.

In an interview, gynecologist Dr Charles Kiggundu shared:

“Her case is genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate — releasing multiple eggs in one cycle — which significantly increases the chance of having multiple births.”

All the difficulties aside, Mariam is determined to keep pushing herself for her children. She says she recognizes that her children are God-given and so she will always do her best to take good care of them no matter what.

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