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Delivery Guy Caught Eating Customer’s Food In Elevator





Sometimes we just get really hungry but just too tired and too lazy to cook or go out to buy some. And since we’re living in a world where almost everything is just a call or click away, we just have them delivered.

But while you’re waiting there and thinking about your food, you’re probably hoping that the delivery guy would arrive on time so you can enjoy your order right away. As it turns out, the food being warm should be the least of your concerns.

A food delivery man in China was caught on camera helping himself to a customer’s food. While going up an elevator, a Meituan app employee was caught on surveillance camera hurriedly eating from a plastic container.

After taking huge bites from the customer’s meal, he covered it up and returned it to the bag like nothing happened. He is then seen retrieving another container – this one containing some soup – and drinking that as well.

After eating a sizeable quantity of the food, the man packs the remaining food and exits the elevator like nothing happened.

After the shocking video went viral, the man was fired immediately.

Mr. Xu, the public relations officer for Meituan in southern China, said:

“So far, we have already fired the employee and notified the whole food delivery industry. He would be banned from the business. We offer our sincerest apologies. We will then strengthen the discipline and training of the food delivery men in all spots around the nation, and promote the proper sealing of delivery food.”

As shocking as it is, he is not the first person who did this. Two other incidents previously happened that involved disgusting delivery guys. One took a huge bite out of the customer’s food then spit it back right in, and the other one drank the soup and replaced it with his pee.

Watch the video here:

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