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4-Year-Old Kid Keeps Shushing Dad As They Sing An Adorable Duet





Precocious little toddlers will always have a way of being adorable and cute even when they do the silliest things. You’re just blown away by their cuteness that you don’t have the time to be annoyed at them at all. Maybe that’s why parents love to take videos of their kids and share them on social networking sites so that they could share the sincerity and genuine appeal of their children.

Videos of kids doing the funniest or most heartwarming things more often than not go viral on the internet simply because these vids tug at your heart. And this video is no different from the rest. It will make you laugh at how cute and sincere the little girl is as she shushes her dad while they sing a duet of “Tonight You Belong With Me”.


Benjamin Ames wanted to sing “Tonight You Belong with Me” with his 4-year old daughter. He ended up recording perhaps one of their first and most adorable duets as father and daughter. They had just seen a fireworks show and his daughter was pretty excited by the lights display and all the spectacle that it made such a big impact and stuck with her throughout.

So even when the show was over, she thought she was still hearing them outside. Benjamin thought of singing with his daughter to keep her preoccupied and help her forget that the fireworks show was already over. “So we sang to keep her mind preoccupied,” Benjamin explained. “In the end, nothing competes with fireworks.”

Throughout the video, Benjamin’s daughter kept on stalling and shushing him because there were “fireworks”. The frequent stopping actually made the routine cuter!

Watch it here:

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The song You Belong With Me was sang by Pearl Jam’s vocalist, Eddie Vedder. The song is part of his Ukelele Songs album.

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