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Rescue Baby Beaver Creates Dams Using Household Materials




  • An adorable baby beaver named Beave instinctively buils dams using household items.
  • The rescue animal was found by the side of a road in May.
  • A licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist now cares for the adorable creature until he is ready to be sent back to the wild.
  • In the meantime, Beave has been constantly building dams, and many people enjoy watching him do it on social media.

Beavers build dams to protect themselves from predators. They put them across streams in order to create ponds where they can further construct their homes. Normally, these creatures use logs and mud when constructing such barriers. However, Beave, a rescue beaver, uses whatever he can carry and find in the household to build his dam.

Beave was found by the side of a road in May this year. Nancy, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist, now cares for the baby beaver until he can be sent back to the wild.

Beavers stay with their families for approximately two years, during which they learn how their kind survive. Sadly, his parents were not able to teach him much about how they thrive.

The rehab specialist reckoned that poachers might have killed the parents of the then three-week old Beave. Therefore, it was Nancy who had to teach him new things, even how to eat solid food. She guided Beave in the transition from consuming milk formula to eating vegetables.

Still, instinct drove Beave to do what animals like him innately do.
Photo: Beaver Baby Furry Love
He swims, wanders around the sanctuary, exercises, and more importantly, he builds dams.
Photo: Beaver Baby Furry Love
However, he makes his dam with pillows and tissue boxes.
Photo: Beaver Baby Furry Love
Statuettes, shoes, metal racks, buckets, plungers, cloth, toilet mats, toys, and boxes as well.
Photo: Beaver Baby Furry Love
If Nancy tidies up after, Beave would only build his dam again.
Photo: Beaver Baby Furry Love
But he has not started building them outside or in water yet.
Photo: Beaver Baby Furry Love

It is truly delightful to watch him, and many others think so too. Since Nancy began uploading his videos on Tiktok and YouTube, the baby beaver acquired 444.5K followers. One of his videos gained more than 700,000 views with at least 100,000 likes and about 9,000 shares.

Watch this adorable beaver:

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