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2 Office Kittens Fostered By Company To Boost Employee Morale Are Now Internet Darlings

Employees of the Year!

  • Two kittens were fostered by a company in Ohio in an effort to boost employee morale.
  • The idea worked so well that the employees began sharing videos of the kittens on the internet.
  • Not surprisingly, the video went viral as the adorably named cats Debit and Credit became the internet’s newest darlings.

There are many ways to increase productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. One particular company decided to foster a pair of kittens for their office in an effort to boost employee morale. Although it was highly effective, it looks like the active little kitties are now spreading joy on the internet as well.

The kittens, who are named Credit and Debit, were fostered by a transportation company in Ohio as a way to keep their employees in high spirits. One employee was so delighted with the cats that they shared a video of the cats on Reddit. It didn’t take long before Credit and Debit’s box video went viral so the employees made an Instagram account just for them.

Meet Debit and Credit, the adorable office kittens who are taking over the internet.
The video that started it all:

The first video of Credit and Debit were posted on the Reddit sub r/aww. It shows the kittens playing with a box and people just couldn’t get enough of the adorable duo. The demand for new videos and pictures was so high that the original poster decided to create an Instagram account for the cats.

Credit is the male orange tabby kitten while Debit is his calico sister. They spent most of their time playing and sleeping around the office while also entertaining their fellow employees.

Although people were hoping that Debit and Credit would stay in the office forever, it has been revealed that the kittens have found a forever home.

According to their Instagram, the duo was adopted together as a special request from their former officemates who couldn’t imagine the two being separated.


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