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Adorable Puppy That Sleeps Like It’s Done With Life Goes Viral

I have found my new spirit animal!

  • An adorable puppy is taking over the internet because of the unique way she takes naps.
  • Paningning the Shih Tzu prefers to lie on her back with her legs flat on the ground and usually appears to be absolutely done with life.
  • The pup has gone viral with over 114,000 followers on Instagram.

The internet is filled with so many cute puppies, all of which are very good boys and girls. However, one particular pooch is going viral because of her unusual sleeping position. The adorable pup likes to sleep on her back and always looks like she’s done with life so it’s no surprise that people are loving her pictures and videos.

The cute little Shih Tzu puppy is named Paningning and belongs to Janess Cua of the Philippines. Cua first shared a photo of her sweet dog on Facebook where netizens immediately fell in love with Paningning and the adorable way she likes to sleep. Since then, Cua has created an official Instagram account for her pooch, which now has more than 114,000 followers.

When you’re finally done with today’s chores.
When you’re trying to take a nap without being disturbed.

According to Cua, Paningning has always slept on her back. The adorable pup never sleeps any other way and it’s an awesome habit that fans couldn’t get enough of.

Paningning was initially named “Maningning”, which means “bright” in Filipino. However, Cua’s daughter insisted on the puppy getting a name that begins with the letter ‘P’ and so they opted for “Paningning.”

The adorable napping master with her siblings.

Like most pups, Paningning enjoys sleeping and eating. The little dog is certainly the spirit animal for most people!

If you can’t get enough of this sweet little pup, you can follow Paningning on Instagram or Facebook. You can also express your love even further by buying some awesome Paningning merchandise.


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