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30 Unfortunately Named Restaurants That Fail So Bad They’re Hilariously Funny




#11. Lets hope this one doesn’t sink.

resto 11

Source: Slip Talk
#12. For people who enjoy genital parasites just fine.

resto 12

Source: Imgur
#13. Ditto this establishment that serves semen seamen sauce.

resto 13

Source: Newsiosity
#14. Pretty stiff requirements for a restaurant.

resto 14

Source: Newsiosity
#15. This must the eating place for pee fetishists.

resto 15

Source: Slip Talk
#16. This bar is a clever pun on a well-loved classic.

resto 16

Source: Trip Advisor
#17. And this Chinese takeout is pretty specific about its specialty.

resto 17

Source: Newsiosity
#18. We hope this isn’t what’s served to customers.

resto 18

Source: Slip Talk
#19. A place for people who particularly hate that Disney-Pixar movie.

resto 19

Source: Trip Advisor
#20. Is that how desperate the Japanese are these days?

resto 20

Source: Newsiosity
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