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Restaurant Mocks Customer For Paying Meal In Coins

“We’ll just caption this…How NOT to pay at a restaurant.”

  • One customer treated his friends to lunch at a restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia.
  • Cohen Naulty used $20 and coins, that he got as a tip from his job, to pay for the meal.
  • The restaurant then took to Facebook to mock the teen’s choice of payment.

Coins and banknotes are the same — they are used to legally pay for anything. While notes are easier to bring and us3, coins are probably much needed in establishments as they usually give changes to their customers every single day.

However, one restaurant clearly prefers to receive notes than coins. Customer Cohen Naulty treated a few friends to lunch at the Beer 88 restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia. with the tip money he earned working as a server at Country Kitchen. After the meal, the 17-year-old paid the US$45 bill with a $20 bill and mostly coins, plus a $10 tip.

Instead of being appreciative that the customer paid and even gave a tip, the restaurant took to Facebook to share its dismay for receiving coins.

The restaurant wrote:

“We’ll just caption this…How NOT to pay at a restaurant, cause that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness.”

Naulty said he and his friends couldn’t believe the restaurant would shame him on social media. He shared that he doesn’t have a car to drive around and change his coins to bills anytime he wants. The most important part that Naulty paid the right amount, he didn’t haggle, and he even left a tip.

The restaurant received some backlash to the post. Beer 88 then responded to the criticism by posting a follow-up message claiming that the initial post was just a joke.

The management posted:

“Obviously the SARCASM and HUMOR of this post is lost on most of y’all.”

But many aren’t buying the “humor” in the post, especially because of the hashtags “wearebeer88notcoinstar #anybodyneedchange #nohometraining, #atleasttheyleftatip, and #workingwiththepublic used by the restaurant.

The post has since been deleted.


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