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30 Unfortunately Named Restaurants That Fail So Bad They’re Hilariously Funny

You’ll have to think twice before actually eating here.


English speakers around the world will agree that sometimes the language barrier can cause some pretty comical “lost in translation” situations.

Take restaurant names for example. Here is a compilation of horrendously laughable eating places that make for a thigh-slapping gastronomic experience:

#1. Is the food as stinky as its name?

resto 1

Source: Newsiosity
#2. Beware men! Their ribs can cause impotence.

resto 2

Source: Slip Talk
#3. Do they serve non-toilet trained babies?

resto 3

#4. The owner must be massively endowed.

resto 4

Source: Newsiosity
#5. While this owner is proud of his heritage.

resto 5

Source: Slip Talk
#6. The unfortunately unlighted “S” makes this sign racist* as hell.

resto 6

Source: Flickr

*To be fair, the name refers to a province in central Philippines.

#7. Does this describe the owner?

resto 7

Source: Newsiosity
#8. We hope they don’t serve exactly that.

resto 8

Source: Slip Talk
#9. Serves adult males only.

resto 9

#10. May we never experience how this tastes.

resto 10

Source: Newsiosity


Pokémon Go Players Are Getting Robbed in Missouri

Pokémon Go is now being used to victimize avid players. Beware of “Pokéstops.”

Police from Missouri warn against the use of the new mobile craze “Pokémon Go,” claiming that some robbers are using it to lure victims into a trap.

The dream-come-true for most Pokémon fans is being twisted into something sinister and abused by some teenagers who use it as a means to do criminal activities and felony in Missouri.

At around 2AM on Sunday, police officers of O’Fallon, Missouri responded to a report about a robbery involving four locals aged between 16 and 18 years old. The teenagers were reportedly on-board a black BMW parked at a CVS parking lot.

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Two Idiots Go Around Town Scaring People With ‘Train Horn Prank’ And It Later Backfires!

They were total jerks – and they got what they deserved!

It's always disturbing when some pranksters go overboard and do inappropriate things just for the sake of getting a few YouTube views. So petty, right? But that’s exactly what we have here as two dimwits did a prank they called the “Train Horn Prank.”

As you can probably figure out from the name, the two guys – who calls themselves Dynamic Duo TV on YouTube - installed a very loud train horn in their vehicle and went around the town scaring the crap out of people.

Ripped Robbie and Elegant Elliot of Dynamic Duo TV did some train horn trolling in their latest prank video.

train horn prank 1

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Guy Hilariously Trolls a Facebook Scammer Using Adele Lyrics

Man pranked a Facebook scammer with Adele’s ‘Hello’.

Everyone hates scammers. Sadly though, they’re everywhere even in social media. It doesn’t mean however that we can’t have our own bit of fun with them the moment they decide to scam us. This is exactly what Frank Flemming Jensen did, when a woman scammer messaged him on Facebook.

Sandra Jones, is a pretty looking girl when you check out her profile photo. We're not sure though if this is really her, but all we know is that she tried to scam Mr. Jensen for money to buy a plane ticket. It was quite brilliant and ingenious of Frank Jensen to make use of song lyrics to respond to the scammer instead of being irate immediately.

What got us scratching our heads is that it took Sandra quite some time before she realized that she was being trolled by the person she was trying to fool herself. The joke was on this scammer this time around.

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