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30 Unfortunately Named Restaurants That Fail So Bad They’re Hilariously Funny





English speakers around the world will agree that sometimes the language barrier can cause some pretty comical “lost in translation” situations.

Take restaurant names for example. Here is a compilation of horrendously laughable eating places that make for a thigh-slapping gastronomic experience:

#1. Is the food as stinky as its name?

resto 1

Source: Newsiosity
#2. Beware men! Their ribs can cause impotence.

resto 2

Source: Slip Talk
#3. Do they serve non-toilet trained babies?

resto 3

#4. The owner must be massively endowed.

resto 4

Source: Newsiosity
#5. While this owner is proud of his heritage.

resto 5

Source: Slip Talk
#6. The unfortunately unlighted “S” makes this sign racist* as hell.

resto 6

Source: Flickr

*To be fair, the name refers to a province in central Philippines.

#7. Does this describe the owner?

resto 7

Source: Newsiosity
#8. We hope they don’t serve exactly that.

resto 8

Source: Slip Talk
#9. Serves adult males only.

resto 9

#10. May we never experience how this tastes.

resto 10

Source: Newsiosity
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